Who the fuck am I?

Oh yeah, Mitch Hedberg, that’s right.

Not really.

I’ve been in the beer industry for over a decade. In that time I’ve worn many hats. Both figuratively and literally. What can I say? I like hats. In that time I’ve done almost everything one can do in the industry. Now I’ve settled into a role I enjoy on the marketing side of things. No more hot, humid days in the brewery. Now I take photos and bang my head against the wall as I curse the algorithms.

I created this space after a segment on my podcast, United We Drink, that we call Last Calls. This is a point at the end of the show where we give each other an unspecific amount of time to talk about whatever we want, in monologue form. Unobjected, unopposed and uninterrupted.

What are you doing? You have a blog already.

You’re right, I do, but this platform allows people to more easily follow and read what I write all in one place. We’ll see how it works.

What should I expect?

This thing is going to be really free form. Don’t expect data, quotes and reporting. There are people that do that already and very well at that. I’m just going to riff on beer and the world around it and probably some art, music, tv and more mixed in.

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Everyone in the beer biz has an opinion. They’re all wrong. Even mine.


Someone once called me a "Prominent beer person" while insulting me. So let's go with that. I also like to take photos and share them to people that don't seem to care.